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Dyeing Your Hair? Two Tips To Help You Select The Right Color

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Dyeing your hair is an exciting way to transform the way your look.  It's amazing just how much your appearance can change just by making your hair a different hue.  However, if you're not very familiar with the concept of hair dye, you may be confused concerning which color will work for you.  Use this information to learn two tips that can help you select the hair color that will bring out your very best.

Let Your Undertones Guide You

Regardless of what color your skin may be on the surface, there are undertones which may play an even larger role in determining whether a prospective hair color will look good on you.  Selecting a shade that matches well with your undertones can make your features pop and help you look more attractive than ever.

There are generally three different undertones:  Warm, cool and neutral.  People with warm undertones find that their skin tends to lean toward being a peach or golden color.  Cool undertones make the skin appear more pink, red or blue.  Neutral undertones tend to include a combination of both warm and cool colors.

If you've never really thought about determining your undertones, there's a relatively easy way to discover it.  Be sure that you don't have any makeup on and that your hair is pulled back.  Pull out a white garment and an off-white garment from your wardrobe.  Hold them up to your body in a mirror.  If you look better in white, you likely have warm undertones. Conversely, if the off-white is more appealing, your undertones are probably cool.  If they both look great, you just may be neutral.

Some hair colors that complement warm skin tones are strawberry blonde, auburn and chestnut.  They pair well with the natural peach-like hue of warm undertones.  Platinum, champagne blond and even fire engine red look great on people with cool undertones, since these colors all play up the red or blue that is already present in the skin.  If you have neutral undertones, take your pick.

Use The Color Wheel

Your wardrobe can also be a big help when you're trying to determine which color to dye your hair.  Using the color wheel, pick out the predominant colors in your wardrobe and select the complementary color that is directly across from the garment color for your hair.  An example of this would be if you have a lot of green clothes.  If so, you may want to consider going red.