Protecting Your Hair during the Summer Months

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Why Use Brush-On Beard Color?

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Hair color isn’t just for women. There are times when men want to change or enhance their hair color as well. If you want to change the color of your beard, there are options available for you. Brush-on beard color can allow you to quickly dye your facial hair. Here are four reasons to take advantage of brush-on beard color: 1. Hide gray hair. As people age, their hair begins to lose pigmentation, resulting in grey and white hairs. Read More»

Defining The Ideal Candidate For A Multi-Therapeutic Hair Transplant

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A multi-therapeutic hair transplant procedure is an ideal solution for male-pattern baldness. However, it is not a blanket solution; there are ideal candidates for this treatment option. Ultimately, a trained hair loss treatment professional should be your primary source of information to determine if you are a candidate, but there are some factors you can review now to help determine if this option might be right for you. Permanent Hair Loss Read More»