Protecting Your Hair during the Summer Months

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Getting Your First Pixie Cut? 3 Things To Request To Make Your Hair More Manageable

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Chopping off your hair and getting it styled into a pixie cut can be a great idea for summer due to how much cooler you will feel. It's also a good hairstyle choice year-round due to its minimal maintenance. While you won't need to struggle with brushing your hair, blow-drying, and extensive styling, it's still important that you look into what you should do to make it even easier to care for.

In order for you to be confident with your new hairstyle, make sure that your stylist takes care of the following three things.

Bangs to Flatter Your Face Shape

An important aspect of having a pixie cut that you love is having it styled to suit you perfectly. While you may love the look of a pixie cut that you saw in a magazine on a celebrity, the same hairstyle might look different with your individual features.

The easiest way to get your hair personalized for your face is by getting bangs that flatter your face. While side bangs will look nice on some people's faces, blunt bangs can look perfect for others. The variations with pixie cuts make it important to get advice from your hair stylist about what will be best suited for you.

Long Enough Hair in the Back to Prevent Cowlicks

When you have shorter hair, it will be much lighter and won't have the weight that's necessary to keep it smoothed down. This can be a real problem if you have cowlicks at the back of your scalp. If you want to make sure that your hair stays smoothed down in the back, you should ask the hair stylist to keep the back pieces at the crown of your head a bit longer than the rest of the cut.

Product Advice for Short Hair

While pixie cuts can be easy to care for, they still require some products to help it sit right. Your hair can look quite fluffy without hair wax or putty that's applied on the ends. To get advice on which products will suit your hair and will help you achieve the style you want, make sure to speak to your hair stylist.

As you explore your choices for pixie cuts and what styles will be best suited for your face and features, make sure that you and your stylist are on the same page so that you're able to get the look that you desire.