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Facial Follow Up: A Facial Treatment Regimen That Will Keep Your Face Youthful For Longer

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Youth is the one thing that you can never get back, although just looking youthful can give off the same feeling. If you are fighting facial wrinkles and sagging, you may be interested in a regimen that will keep your face looking young in the long term. If you want a long-term regimen, here are some things that you can do as a one time, once a month, or once a week treatment to keep a face that is fit for a teenager. 

Once: Facial fat transfers

One of the things that can make you look old is a face that is too gaunt. Cheeks that are full and a face that is soft and supple has a youthful quality that many people chase after. In order to refill your cheeks and any other parts of your face that may be lacking in a little bit of fat, you can have fat transfers. This is a plastic surgery procedure that will require you to go under the knife; however, it can last long term. Refilling your face with some fat can give you a younger look. 

Once a quarter: Botox

When areas start to develop fine lines, this is the perfect time to start a regimen of Botox. Botox can be done in a physician's office quickly and easily, although there will be minor discomfort and some facial stiffness afterwards. Botox will help to combat the fine lines that can develop in the forehead and around the mouth. Along with fat transfer to make your face more supple, this should stave away any major signs of aging. 

Once a month: Chemical peels

Along with features, skin tends to give away your age. Getting a glycolic facial peel will help to lift older skin and expose newer skin underneath. This can help to promote a youthful glow in the face. A skin peel can also help to get rid of dark marks and age spots if you are receiving them on a regular, once-a-month schedule. 

Once a day: Good sunscreen

Whether you are in the sun the majority of the day or if you are going out after the sun has set, you should wear sunscreen. A good sunscreen lotion with a high SPF can help to increase the beauty of your skin. Sunscreen acts as a preventative measure to keep away wrinkling and spots that can be caused by the sun. Investing in a good facial lotion with sunscreen and applying it 365 days of the year without fail will keep the treatments working.