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Dealing With Acne And Facial Hair? What To Do

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If you are a female and you get hair around your chin and ears, and then you get acne where the hair grows, there are some things you can do to get rid of the acne for good. You don't want to have embarrassing hair or blemishes making you uncomfortable in your own skin. Professional care is often needed to treat these issues. Here are a few appointments you'll want to schedule so you can get the skin you desire.


See a skin professional like a dermatologist to get the best cleansing products, creams, and other treatments that are needed for your type of acne. Not all washes and medications will treat all types of acne, and you want to make sure you aren't wasting your money or time.

The dermatologist can work with you to get clear skin all over your body, and not just in the areas where you have hair. You should also get an annual check for moles and other concerns and to see if your treatments need adjusting over time.

Hair Removal  

Permanently removing the hair will help prevent the hair follicles from pushing under the skin and causing irritation, ingrown areas, and acne from trapped bacteria. Products like shaving cream that you used to make shaving easier could have also been causing your breakouts or irritation that led to blemishes. Professional laser hair removal will eliminate the need for shaving or wax treatments and will stop embarrassing hair growth. With the hair gone and the right acne treatments, fighting acne around your chin should be much easier. Make sure to get your dermatologist's approval and talk with a hair removal professional like those at Phaze Laser Med Spa before undergoing any laser hair removal treatments, as some acne medications could react with the laser and damage your skin.

No one wants to run out the door and get in public to wonder if they have hair in embarrassing places, or to be stressed about having acne on the face around the hair. Treating the acne and getting rid of the hair is going to put you at ease, so you can be confident that people aren't focusing on your acne or your hair when you talk to them, and you can stop covering your face whenever possible because of flaws. Getting both of these things scheduled will boost your confidence, improve your appearance, and help you get the healthy skin you imagine having.