Protecting Your Hair during the Summer Months

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Tips for a Beautiful Head of Hair

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Do you have hair that is frizzy, lifeless, or otherwise not what you want? Does it feel like you've tried just about every shampoo out there, only to still have the same annoying hair? Whether your hair is thick or thin, strong or weak, getting it to be "just right" can be a daily struggle. Fortunately, there are things that will help make your hair more manageable. Some of these things include the following.

Stop washing daily: If your hair is especially unruly, you may be under the impression that washing it every day might help. In general, this will only make things worse. Daily washing strips natural oils from your hair, sometimes causing it to be dry and brittle and other times causing it to be extra greasy. Daily washing can stimulate your scalp into over-producing oil in an attempt to protect itself and your hair. Unless you have a physically demanding job that causes you to sweat all day and thus may result in odor, you should be fine with cutting back washings to once or twice a week. After washing and a few times during the week, comb through your hair with some argan hair oil from Morocco, which you can get from a company like The Moroccan Elixir, to keep your hair looking soft and clean.

Clean your combs and brushes: Your brushes and combs should be cleaned at least once a week. Without cleaning, they will accumulate dust and other assorted residue, depositing it onto your hair when you use the brush or comb. If you're used to not washing your brush or comb, this residue may not be immediately obvious. However, cleaning your hair-styling tools with a little shampoo and warm water can make a huge difference when it comes time to brush or comb your hair. If you use a comb to apply hair oil, it's doubly important that you clean your comb after use. You don't want to be combing dirtied oil through your hair.

Wear a hat when outside: Some products, such as a good argan hair oil from Morocco, can help repair some of the damage caused by the sun. But no matter how much hype a hair-care product has, no product can repair all of the damage that your hair may have. The best way to deal with this damage is to not get it in the first place. While there are a few hair-care products that offer some degree of protection from the sun, a hat is going to offer the most protection of all. If you feel silly wearing hats, you may decide to wear one only when you'll be outside for extended periods. Then, once inside, you can remove the hat so that everyone can admire your now-beautiful hair.