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Treatment Options For Ingrown Facial Hair

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When you have facial hair you can experience many issues with your skin. One of the biggest problems is ingrown hairs, which can be painful and embarrassing. This condition is caused by irritation to the skin from shaving or other activity, causing the hairs to turn backwards and head back into the skin. The results are red, infected bumps that can be difficult to treat, especially on areas of the face that you shave regularly, such as your upper lip or along your jaw line. Here are a few treatment options you can consider if you have ingrown hairs on your face so you can get the relief you desire.

Laser treatment 

Lasers are often used in cosmetic dermatology to cleanse the skin and create a more even skin tone. Lasers work with the epidermis to clear away dead skin cells and bacteria and can also be useful in removing unwanted hairs that continuously suffer from being ingrown. Hair follicles that pose a problem for you can be cleared out and eliminated, allowing you to enjoy your skin and shave regularly without issue.


Having your skin exfoliated is a great way to remove dead skin cells and promote healthy collagen in your skin. The rough abrasion of exfoliation also exposes the hairs that are ingrown, giving the follicles a chance to heal properly. You can be prescribed an exfoliating cream, usually containing Hyaluronic acid, to open your pores and remove infection while clearing your face and removing pesky ingrown hairs. Your dermatologist may also require a few intensive microdermabrasion and facial steaming treatments until all your ingrown hairs are gone.

Hair removal

In cases where an ingrown hair seems to always occur in one particular area, your dermatologist may take matters into their own hands — literally. Using medical tweezers and picks, your dermatologist may individually pluck the hairs that are ingrown and pull away the surrounding skin, following up the treatment with a steaming facial and perhaps some antibiotics. You may be instructed to use only a certain type of razor for shaving your face or may have to wear a prescription cream to keep your pores clear for several weeks until you know how long-lasting the results of this treatment will be.

Having ingrown hairs on your face is not a fun experience. You dermatologist can help you find relief in many ways based upon how severe your condition is. Talk to a local dermatologist, such as those found at Greater Des Moines Dermatology, P.C., about all skin conditions you are worried about, from facial scarring to infections in your pores, so you can receive the treatments you need.