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Real Benefits Of Natural Beard Growing Oil

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If you have a beard and have not had a problem getting to the length you want, you may wonder why you would ever need to use a natural beard growing oil like those from Beard Farmer. The truth is, these oils do not actually increase the rate at which the hair for your beard grows. However, they do offer other benefits that will help your beard be stronger, more luxurious, and healthier. Here are a few reasons you should use beard oil regularly.


As your beard grows longer, your skin cannot produce enough oil to keep it and your skin moisturized. Both the skin and hair will dry out. This causes your skin to become flaky, and you will suffer with "beardruff." Using a dandruff shampoo on your beard is not a good idea as it contains detergent and chemicals that could make the problem worse. Natural beard oils only contain oils that are beneficial to the skin. There are no added chemicals or cleansing agents.


Dry hair becomes brittle and breaks easily. The oils in beard oil are designed to help nourish the hairs and keep them moist. This will keep them supple so they do not break off. Now your beard will look thicker and healthier. In addition, it will not be dull-looking. As an added bonus, it will be softer so it will not irritate your skin or that of anyone you tend to brush your face against.


If your skin dries out due to a deficiency of natural oil, a beard will make it hard to remove the dead cells from the surface. This will lead to pores clogging and causing acne. Sweat, dirt, and food particles may cause bacteria to be trapped in the pores too, creating boils and infected pimples. Keeping the beard and skin moist will help keep the pores from becoming clogged because the oils used in the products are similar in make up to those produced by the skin. In addition, you can find beard oil with added essential oils that have anti-septic properties to help clean out the pores and prevent inflammation or infection. If you have this problem, find an oil that contains tea tree or sandalwood essential oils.

Having a beard should not cause skin irritation or itching. Using a good, natural beard oil is a good way to prevent any problems. It will also make your beard look and feel good.