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Haircuts For Men: Barbershop Or Salon?

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If you are getting your hair cut professionally as a man, you might wonder if there is any difference between going to a salon for a cut or going to a barbershop. There are some advantages to each venue, and they all depend on what you're looking for in a haircut experience. Here are some main differences that help distinguish barbershops and salons and the services they provide. 


Generally, a barbershop will be lost expensive than a salon cut. Hair stylists at salons have more variety and longer schooling because they must be trained to cut and color many different hair types, including women's hair. Salons are usually larger, so they have more upfront costs, and they need to pay for more products and tools than a barber because barbers care more exclusive in their services. 


This is an area where a salon can sometimes be a better option. For men who want non-traditional haircuts, modern stylists might be better equipped to produce the results. Men looking for hair color are also more likely to get more color variety at a salon, especially because salons have several sinks and toners for all hair colors.

However, a barbershop is able to produce clean, sharp looking traditional men's cuts without any frills, which can be a positive for some males. In addition, you won't get a shave at a salon, but you can get one from a skilled barber. Fading, military cuts, and longer-on-top styles are the bread and butter of the barbershop. They are experts with clippers; stylists, on the other hand, are usually more adept at scissors and less skilled with clippers for men's cuts.

Also, barbers are trained to work with men's facial hair as well as the hair on top. For men who want a well-trimmed beard and mustache, you need a good barber for semi-regular grooming. 


Many barbers work quickly, producing superior results without any fanfare. Salons take longer, especially if your stylist wants to wash your hair and finish it with product afterward. If you're hoping for a quick cut after work, a barber is the right choice. if you're hoping for more special treatment with a wash included, make your way to the salon. 

Social Experience

There's an old-time feel about going to a barber for a cut. You can meet men from all walks of life and enjoy camaraderie together. A salon experience is more personalized with just the stylist and yourself. 

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