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Pros And Cons Of Having Your Barber Shave Your Part

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Parting your hair can give you a clean and professional appearance, regardless of the specific style and length of your hair. When you visit the barber for a new haircut, he may ask you if you want your part shaved. This is a question that you can often expect, so it's worthwhile to think about it in advance so that you can make an informed decision. Here are some pros and cons of getting your part shaved for you to consider.

Pro: It Makes Styling Your Hair Easier

Some men's hair parts more naturally than others. If you find that when you style your hair, it can be a challenge to get the part in the right place, it may be better to have your barber shave this line. With the part present no matter what, you'll have a good point of reference for styling your hair.

Con: It Can Limit Your Hairstyles

If you're someone who enjoys getting your hair cut in a way that allows you to style in differently depending on where you're going — for example, some men style their hair one way for work and another way on the weekends — the permanent presence of the part may be problematic. If you're in this situation, you may find that it's easier for you to look after your own part, rather than have your barber shave it for you.

Pro: It Looks Crisp

There's little doubt that when your barber shaves your part instead of you making your own with a comb, it gives you a crisper look. The presence of the shaved part — which will be perfectly straight, given your barber's skills — sends a message that you care about even the smallest details of your appearance. Whether you're dating or you're trying to impress people at work, a shaved part is a subtle indicator that you've got things together.

Con: It May Reveal Dandruff

Some people struggle with dandruff at different times. If you're dealing with an outbreak, you might not favor a shaved part because flakes may be evident along this line. Instead, you perhaps might rather make your own part with a comb and not have it as deep. This way, your dandruff flakes may remain hidden under your hair. Always talk to your barber at the start of your session about how much a shaved part will complement your specific hair style.

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