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Three Ways To Deal With A Widow's Peak

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Women who are born with a widow's peak hairline often love it or hate it, but this type of hair issue doesn't seem to be a common discussion topic among men. Lots of men have a widow's peak, however, and many of them aren't fond of this look. If you have a widow's peak and find yourself thinking about it a lot, it's worthwhile to bring it to your barber's attention and discuss some different ways of dealing with it during your next visit to the barber shop. Whether you want to disguise or completely eliminate this feature of your hairline, here are three different looks that you can adopt.

Slick Your Hair Back

One way to deal with a widow's peak hairline is to have your hair cut and styled so that it's slicked straight back. Your widow's peak will be visible with this type of look, but it somehow doesn't seem quite as evident as when you have a different hairstyle — for example, a comb-over look. When you have your hair slicked back, anyone who notices your window's peak — including yourself — might feel that it's more of a by-product of your hairstyle, rather than a feature of your hairline that you may or may not like.

Style Messy Hair On Your Forehead

If you like the idea of your widow's peak being less visible, talk to your barber about some different hairstyles that will cover it up. One option is to have your hair cut and styled so that it's a little messy and covers at least part of your forehead. Having your hair cover your forehead will keep your widow's peak largely hidden, and if you're concerned about the size of your forehead because of a receding hairline, this look may also be appealing to you.

Get A Straight Hairline

Many men favor a short hairstyle, and the widow's peak can be highly visible with this look. If you feel that this feature detracts from your overall appearance, there's nothing wrong with having your barber give you a straight hairline by eliminating the widow's peak with a razor. This fresh look is one that you'll need to monitor in the days ahead, though, because this hair will eventually grow back and lead to some stubble along the center of your hairline. In this case, you may need to visit the barber again before long. Your barber may have some additional ways to deal with your widow's peak that you can consider and discuss.