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Have Osteoporosis? 3 Common Treatment Options

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Whether you didn't get enough calcium and nutrients in your bones when you were younger (due to things like malnutrition), you are pregnant, or you have recently gone through menopause, you may realize that your bones are a bit weak. The scary thing about weak bones is that they can turn into a condition called osteoporosis, which essentially is a disease in which your bones have tiny holes in them, which can lead to regular fractures. And if you are middle-aged or older, fractures (especially in areas like your hips) are the last thing that you want. So, what are some ways that you can treat your osteoporosis? 

Take Oral Medications

One of the most consistently popular treatments for osteoporosis that people choose is oral medication. Oral medication is great at helping people digest calcium better which, in turn, can help build up bone strength and give you those stronger bones that you've been wanting. Typically, these mediations have to be taken every day at the same time of day and with a lot of water to ensure that your body is properly digesting it. 

Get An Injection Medication

Another option that you have to help treat osteoporosis is to get an injection like the abaloparatide injection. The great thing about these types of injections is that they come shipped directly to your home and you are able to self-administer them so that you don't have to see a doctor. By giving yourself this injection every day at the same time, you can hopefully ensure that your results are consistent. These types of injections work by actually helping you build bone and, in turn, become much stronger in the process. Discuss adaloparatide injections to treat osteoporosis with your doctor to learn more. 

Build Up Strength

Going to work with a typical therapist is another option that you may want to consider. During your time with one of these professionals, you will learn exercises to help strengthen your bones by doing things such as weight training. Because you won't want to start out with too much weight (that could lead to fractures), working with a specialist is a must. By doing consistent strength training exercises, you can hopefully prevent any breaks or falls from happening. 

If you want to learn a little bit more about your osteoporosis and how you should best treat it, meet with your healthcare provider today. After doing some x-ray exams, they should be able to better determine which treatment option is the best thing for you.