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Don't Believe These Misconceptions About Laser Hair Removal

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If you tell someone you're thinking about getting laser hair removal, they will almost always have something to say. And often, that something is not something positive — it's more of a warning. Thankfully, most of the warnings about laser hair removal that get tossed around are actually just misconceptions. Here are a few of them.

Laser hair removal will hurt.

Laser hair removal may cause some mild discomfort, such as a tingling and warming sensation, but it is not an outright painful procedure. It's a whole lot less painful than waxing. If you can endure having your teeth cleaned at the dentist, then you will have no trouble making it through a laser hair removal session. You might have a little soreness afterward, but it will be about on the level of a mild sunburn. Apply some lotion, and you'll be fine. It's rare for patients to even feel like they need to take ibuprofen for the discomfort, and it passes on its own within a day or two. Pain — either during or after the procedure — is not a reason to avoid laser hair removal if you feel it's right for you.

Laser hair removal will cause your hair to grow back even thicker.

This myth gets tossed around about shaving, waxing, and just about every other hair removal method out there, too. It's not actually true of any of them. Many patients do not have any hair grow back after laser hair removal at all. Others have a little hair grow back, but if anything, it is lighter and finer than their previous hair. A once-a-year touch-up is all you need to keep hair growth permanently under control, and some patients do not even need that.

Laser hair removal is not safe for the face.

It is more common for patients to have laser hair removal on larger parts of their body, like their legs and back. But this is just because these areas are a pain to keep shaved or waxed. If you want to have a smaller facial area, like your upper lip or your chin, treated, you absolutely can. There's really no area that cannot be treated with laser hair removal.

Hopefully, this article has cleared up some common misconceptions about laser hair removal. This is a safe and effective procedure for almost everyone, and if you have any concerns, your esthetician can address them in a consultation prior to your first session.

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