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Formaldehyde-Free Keratin Treatments: Fact Vs. Fiction

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If you love your curls but you want to try a straighter look temporarily, a formaldehyde-free keratin treatment might be right for you. Although you may have recently discovered this hair treatment, it is not exactly new, and unfortunately, like most things that have been around for some time — there are myths. If you are considering this treatment for your hair, learn what is true, and what is not.

Bone-Straight Hair Awaits

By far, one of the more common myths is the idea that a keratin treatment will reveal super-straight hair. For people wanting a straight look, this is ideal, and for those who want more body, this is a concern. The truth is that it is better classified as a smoothing treatment, so most results are somewhere in the middle in that you will not have the same tight curls, but your hair also may not be bone straight.

All Outcomes are the Same

Every person does not have the same experience with the treatment, even beyond the level of straightness achieved. One of the greatest differences centers around how long the results last. The natural texture of your hair, your lifestyle, and even the local climate can play a part in determining how long your curls remain loose. To save yourself the disappointment, do not expect to get the same look as someone else. 

Damage is a Given

If you attempt to perform this treatment without the right knowledge, damage might be a real concern. However, when someone knowledgeable performs the treatment, your hair is safe. Knowing how often to have this treatment performed and knowing which types of products to use, such as deep conditioners, all help make the risk of damage to your hair from this treatment nonexistent. Not only can you avoid damage, but your hair can also flourish.

Moisture is Kryptonite

If you have naturally curly hair, you know that whenever your hair is straightened, even the slightest bit of moisture can cause your hair to revert. However, with a formaldehyde-free keratin treatment, you can still wash your hair the same, swim, and work out. While the frequency of moisture exposure will determine the lifespan of the treatment, there is no need to fear that one wash will ruin everything.

Always speak with a professional hairstylist before making your decision. A stylist can answer your questions and help you determine if this treatment is right for your needs. Contact a provider of straightening treatments like Magic Sleek to learn more.