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Men Need Pampering Too. How To Prep For Your Big Day

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It seems like yesterday that you just popped the question and she said "I do." But the big day is almost here and the bride-to-be's main request is that you look absolutely dapper walking down the aisle. Let's face it, big life events can be stressful leading up to that final moment. Take some time out to really care for yourself to look and feel your best on your wedding day. Here are some things to set time aside for just before you tie the knot. 

Get the Perfect Cut

Make sure that you get the look down pat when it comes to the perfect haircut. Finding a salon or barbershop that specializes in haircuts for men will make you stand out on your special day. Find a stylist that specializes in cuts for men that are trending. A loose pompadour and high fade are perfect for a classic look. If you have discriminating taste, you may want to try a buzz cut and shape up with a disconnected beard. Now may not be the time to try something really different, but choose a stylist or barber who knows your existing style well. 

Visit a Massage Therapist

All the prep work prior to the big day may seem endless, that's why it's important to find a way to de-stress. Work out those tired muscles by booking a massage. Use scented aromatherapy for a more relaxing session. The oils will permeate through your skin and help provide deep-tissue muscle relief. It will also leave your skin smooth and soft, something your bride-to-be will surely appreciate.  

Do Something Fun and Active

Another way to pamper yourself and calm any pre-wedding jitters is to do something fun. But don't forget to be active. Increasing your physical stamina can help calm nerves and give you a boost of energy. This could be a round of golf or jogging through the park. Finding ways to minimize stress helps keep you healthy and alert. You'll need this extra energy and stamina for your wedding day and honeymoon. In addition, physical activity helps improve your skin's appearance by increasing oxygen and blood flow. 

Pamper Your Skin

Getting physical can boost skin health, but it's also important to pamper your skin as well. Book an appointment for a facial or mani-pedi. Yes, men need to look good too. Just think, you'll be honeymoon-ready and all set to hit the beach. Some salons incorporate facials with a haircut. Plus, it helps open pores and rejuvenate tired skin. 

Don't get lost in the whirlwind of wedding planning that you forget to care for yourself. Take some time out to pamper and reflect on your new life ahead. You're about to make memories to last a lifetime. 

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