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Using and Enjoying Your New Bar of Balsam Fir Soap

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Purchasing a bar of balsam fir soap simply feels special. You may run your hands over the smooth bar, feeling its natural texture and thinking how much went into making it by hand. You may also inhale and enjoy the pine-like scent, which makes you feel cozy and relaxed. Now that you have this lovely bar in your possession, how do you use and enjoy it to the fullest? Here are a few tips.

Use the soap in the morning.

If you're questioning when to work the soap into your routine, morning is the answer. The scent of balsam fir soap is so invigorating and energizing that using it will wake you up and make you feel perky. You can take a shower with it, rubbing the lather all over your body as you inhale the vapors. Or, if you're in a hurry, you can just use the soap to wash your hands and face. It's gentle enough that it won't dry your face out.

Use the soap with nice, hot water.

This is the type of soap you really want to use with hot, steamy water. Whether that means a hot shower or just letting water from the sink come up to temperature, it is worth the effort. Hot water puts off more steam, and the steam will carry with it the scent of the balsam fir, allowing you to inhale and enjoy it. Some people even like to stay in the bathroom for a few extra minutes after showering so they can further enjoy the scented air.

Use a soft washcloth, if anything.

Avoid using a shower poof or a really rough washcloth when you use your bar of balsam fir soap. These apparatuses will remove too much of the soap at once, which will result in some waste. If you instead use your hands or a soft washcloth, you will remove less of the soap at once, so your bar will last longer.

Store the soap outside of the shower.

This is not the type of soap that you just want to set on the ledge in your shower. If you do this with it, the bar will get wet and disintegrate too quickly. Find a place outside of the shower to stash it, and just take it into the shower with you as needed.

Balsam fir soap can be such an enjoyable product to use, especially when you take the tips above into account.