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A PDO Thread Treatment Lifts Sagging Facial Skin To Give You A More Youthful Appearance

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PDO threads are inserted under the skin on your face to provide a facelift effect without the need for surgery. You won't have any incisions with this anti-aging treatment, only punctures where the threads are inserted.

A PDO thread treatment is a fairly fast procedure and you can go about many of your usual activities right after. You'll notice an immediate lift to your face, and you'll also have gradual effects due to the collagen production the threads stimulate. Here are things to know about a PDO thread treatment.

You'll Have Multiple Threads Inserted

Your doctor can focus on certain areas of your face, such as your brows or jowls, or give you a complete lift. The number of threads needed depends on the exact procedure your doctor uses. Each thread requires its own needle puncture. You won't feel pain since the doctor numbs the area first with an anesthetic.

Different Types Of Threads Are Used

In addition to choosing the number of threads to be used, the doctor also has to choose the type of threads. PDO threads are made from different materials and are shaped in different ways depending on their purpose. Some add volume to your face while others lift sagging skin.

All of the threads dissolve slowly over time, and each type dissolves at its own rate. The threads are similar to the threads used for sutures during surgery, so they are safe and accepted by your body.

Results Could Last Several Months

The lifting effect you get from a PDO thread lift procedure could last for many months. The length of time your treatment lasts depends on how quickly the threads dissolve. Some threads last longer than others. Also, your age might matter too. The lift effect could last longer in younger skin than it does in mature skin that has less elastin and collagen.

Recovery From A Thread Lift Is Quick

You might return to work after your PDO thread treatment if you have a sedentary job. Your doctor may want you to limit some activities such as rubbing your face, participating in strenuous activities, sleeping on your side, and smoking for several days. You'll be given complete instructions for your recovery so you know what you need to do and what you need to avoid.

You might have some bruising after a PDO thread treatment, but that often depends on the type of threads you have inserted. You might have some tenderness at the puncture sites, but you shouldn't have pain or discomfort during recovery.

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