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Keep Oatmeal Soap On Hand for These Instances

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Some people enjoy using oatmeal soap every day. They feel it soothes their skin and moisturizes it. Even if you do not use oatmeal soap daily, you can benefit from keeping a bar of this soap around. Stash it in your cabinet so you have it on hand if you ever find yourself in one of the following situations.

Poison Ivy or a Similar Rash

Developing a rash from poison ivy or poison oak can be really frustrating. There are lots of over-the-counter creams you can use to treat the rash, but they don't always take away the itching completely. They can also over-dry your skin, making you even more uncomfortable. Using some oatmeal soap when you have such a rash can be helpful. The oatmeal is gentle, so it won't cause additional irritation to the rash like traditional soap might. Plus, the oatmeal adds some moisture to your skin, counteracting the drying effect of the creams you might be using.


Chickenpox is not as common as it once was, thanks to vaccines. However, some people still get it. The itchiness of the welts it causes can be really frustrating to deal with. Oatmeal soap can soothe a lot of this itchiness while also moisturizing the rest of the skin to keep it healthy and prevent the spreading of the pox. When managing chickenpox, you may want to lather up and leave the soap in place for a little while before rinsing it away.

Sunburn and Windburn

Sunburn can leave your skin red and irritated. So can windburn, especially in the winter. Even taking a shower can hurt when your skin is burned or windburned. Using oatmeal soap will make the water feel a lot more comfortable on your skin. The oatmeal soap will also soothe your skin so you don't deal with as much flakiness and dryness in the days following your sunburn or windburn.

Extra Dry Skin

If you ever get up and realize your skin is extra dry for whatever reason — maybe you spent too much time in saltwater or in your pool — using oatmeal soap will help. This soap is deeply moisturizing and can help stop dead skin in its tracks.

Oatmeal soap is a handy product to have in your cabinet. Even if you only use it on occasion, you will be glad you have it in any of the situations above.