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Mistakes To Avoid When Following A New Acne-Clearing Regimen

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Dealing with acne can definitely be a struggle. At times it can feel like you prefer to simply stay at home during a major flare-up, and issues with breakouts can definitely impede your self-confidence. However, you can buy a dermatologist-approved acne-prone 4-step regimen kit that may help with your skin and the challenges you face specifically. 

While kits to help you fight acne on your own can be highly effective, they also have to be used properly to be effective. Check out a few common mistakes people make when following a new acne-clearing regimen with a kit that includes different products. 

Mistake: Skipping certain steps in the regimen. 

Each product that is included in a kit meant for targeting acne will have a specific purpose. A few examples include: 

  • A cleanser to slough away dead skin cells and bacteria 
  • A toner to soothe inflammation and deter new bumps 
  • A moisturizer to nourish the skin with oils it needs 
  • A mask to draw excess oils and impurities out of the pores 

If you skip parts of the process, you could easily impede the regime kit's ability to help with acne. For example, if you only use the cleanser and moisturizer but skip the mask and toner, you may still experience breakouts and inflammation. 

Mistake: Using the products included in your kit too much. 

If your new skincare regimen gives guidelines on how often you should go through a multi-step cleaning process, be sure to stick to these guidelines. Using some products too much can actually make issues with acne worse. For example, if you use a serum with ingredients like vitamin C to soothe inflammation, using this product too often could mean overuse of vitamin C and other ingredients. Therefore, you could inadvertently clog pores and cause further breakouts. 

Mistake: Not using the products at the right time of day. 

If you pick up an acne-prone 4-step regimen kit that says to use certain products in the morning and others at night, be sure to follow these guidelines. Times for usage are commonly provided because certain products work best while you are doing certain things. For example, you may have a lightweight moisturizer that should be used in the morning because this is when your skin will be exposed to the sun. Or, you may have a purifying mask meant to be applied at night when you are less likely to be sweating from being active.