Protecting Your Hair during the Summer Months

Getting Your First Pixie Cut? 3 Things To Request To Make Your Hair More Manageable

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Chopping off your hair and getting it styled into a pixie cut can be a great idea for summer due to how much cooler you will feel. It’s also a good hairstyle choice year-round due to its minimal maintenance. While you won’t need to struggle with brushing your hair, blow-drying, and extensive styling, it’s still important that you look into what you should do to make it even easier to care for. Read More»

Dyeing Your Hair? Two Tips To Help You Select The Right Color

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Dyeing your hair is an exciting way to transform the way your look.  It’s amazing just how much your appearance can change just by making your hair a different hue.  However, if you’re not very familiar with the concept of hair dye, you may be confused concerning which color will work for you.  Use this information to learn two tips that can help you select the hair color that will bring out your very best. Read More»

Tips For Reducing The Amount Of Hair You Lose While Going Through Chemotherapy

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If you have to go through chemotherapy, you might worry a lot about losing your hair. You might not want to wear a wig because it makes your scalp itchy or you might have a wedding or prom coming up and want to look as good as possible in your photos. Here are some tips for reducing the amount of hair you lose during chemotherapy so that you can feel as confident as possible. Read More»